TOTAL Liberia Launches Awango Solar Lamps


In a bid to provide easy access and affordable energy to rural and urban-rural communities, TOTAL Liberia has introduced a new range of solar-powered lamps called AWANGO to the local market.

Launching the program on Friday, February 19 at the Monrovia City Hall, Peter K. Adegunele, Managing Director of TOTAL Liberia, said the introduction of the product will bring relief to low income households.

“My company is embarking on this journey because we want to provide reliable and affordable lighting to make life easier for low income, off-grid households,” he said.

According to him, TOTAL has now committed itself to bring innovative solar lamps “that require a minimum initial investment without any added costs throughout its lifespan.”

“Our main objective is to provide access to solar solutions for lighting and communications to low income people through innovative, profitable and sustainable business models,” he indicated.

In 2011, AWANGO products were initially tested in three pilot countries: Kenya, Cameroon and Indonesia; and by the end of 2015, Mr. Adegunle said, TOTAL Group has so far sold over one million lamps, impacting many people worldwide. He hopes to impact 25 million people through the sale of five million AWANGO solar lamps by the year 2020.

Mr. Adegunele said AWANGO lamps are also for people who have limited income to spend on power source, as against lanterns, candles and kerosene.

“With demands for electricity on the increase the AWANGO products are set to serve the needs of many. Through multiple applications, these portable solar lamps and chargers offer an affordable and more efficient source than the commonly used kerosene lamps, candles and batteries,” said MD Adegunle.

He further said that the products have a developmental impact in three distinct ways by seeking to contribute to: a positive economy, social and environmental development.

The TOTAL boss stated that AWANGO products are top quality, that the after sales service is unique, and has a two year warranty.

Profit wise, he said the business model is created with a realistic goal that guarantees profit, where success is based on innovation that grants sustainable and affordable energy for low income citizens.

For her part, Madam Clara Doe Mvogo, City Mayor of Monrovia, expressed gratitude to the management of TOTAL for the innovation. She said the launch of the solar lamps will not only create lights but create jobs and also help people to save time from walking from one village to another to charge their mobile phones.

Madam Mvogo said that the issue of solar power is not new to the world, but when it comes to Liberia it is relatively new, “so we will like for TOTAL to create more awareness on the product.” She then urged citizens to make use of the opportunity provided by TOTAL and stop polluting the air.

AWANGO comes in four different designs, some of which can be used for charging mobile phones. The lamps, which are up to 7 times brighter than kerosene lanterns, are weather-resistant with a life-span of at least 5 years. At the launching event, a member of the TOTAL staff violently threw one of the lamps to the ground and it seemed impressive to most that the lamp was still lit and there were no broken parts.

The products are available at all Total Petroleum Service stations across Liberia as well as in shops of authorized distributors.


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