Top Five Tourist Attractions in Liberia

A sky view of Libassa Ecology.

Liberia, a home to approximately 4.5 million people, is a country that possesses so many unique tourist attractions ranging from its flawless sandy beaches, intriguing forest and is home to some of Africa’s finest but relatively unknown eco-resorts and historical sites.

Founded by freed black people, Liberia is a treasure trove of so many beautiful and unique tourist sites that leave travelers with nothing less than memorable experiences, especially for those who want to explore a new tourist destination.

Here’s our guide of the best tourist spots in the country, and each of these areas gives you the kind of scenery that brightens your day and broadens your horizon, satisfying your travel thirst for an amazing adventure.

Libassa Ecolodge

Built in a remote forest of palm trees, Libassa Ecolodge is a perfect place to enjoy nature and escape the chaos of everyday life.  As a relatively low –key paradise, Libassa features beautiful coastlines, exotic botanical gardens, and a variety of tropical flowers, butterflies, and wild birds.

Located 30 minutes from the Robert’s International Airport (RIA), the resort lies at the junction of a virgin lagoon, and the sea offers a variety of unique activities, including swimming, canoeing, and tanning on the beach, for a tourist.

Interestingly, houses at the resort are built in a quintessential position, with each one having a different panoramic view. A house like the floating lodge, which hangs on the edge of the lagoon, offers you an unforgettable experience in a natural and peaceful paradise due to its amazing view on the crystal clear water, and the surrounding mangrove and bushes that give you the opportunity to see fish and crabs swim next to you, and hear the birds sing every morning.

But let’s not forget the Love Birds Nest, which is situated at the highest point of the resort.  It is a home that offers 180 degree of breathtaking views of the Atlantic ocean, the lagoon, forest and swimming pools. Covered with wild forest and vegetation, Libassa is a sanctuary for wild monkeys, small deers and other animals.

Kpaiyea fortification wall

At Yealleh, Zorzor District, Lofa County, lies one of Liberia’s internationally unknown historical sites –the Kpaiyea Wall that provides a valuable insight about the military lives of the early Liberians. Kpaiyea fortification wall, which is more than 300 years old and dates back to the founding of Liberia in 1822, is an old massive structure of voluminous mud-brick fortification walls.

The remaining ruins of the ancient Kpaiyea fortification wall in Yealleh, Zorzor District, Lofa County.

Although some parts of this ancient wall, approximately six miles long, now lies in ruins, it is a recognizable symbol of ancient Liberians and their long and vivid history.

The fortification wall is a historical manifestation of the Loma people’s strength and the military representation of a barrier maintained by them to repel attacks by other tribe groups and to exert control over its residents. The wall shows one of the most impressive architectural feats in the lives of early Liberians, particularly the Loma people.

East Nimba Reserve

For an adventurous sightseeing trip, visit the East Nimba Reserve, which covers about 13,569 hectares and boasts of having one of the most remarkable diversities in terms of flora and fauna in the whole of West Africa due to its unique geographical and climatic location.

An aerial view of the East Nimba Nature Reserve in Liberia

The reserve is not only rich in plant populations but has an outstanding number of single-site endemic species, such as viviparous toads and horseshoe bats as well as the Micropotamogale and chimpanzees that use stones as tools.

Remarkably, one can get an entire spectacular view of the whole forest by climbing to the peak of the 5,748 feet Mt. Nimba. This vantage point gives you the opportunity to see across Guinea and Ivory Coast and watch eagles flying above you.

 Wongan Waterfall

As a wonder of Liberia, the Wongan waterfall is about 50 to 60 meter high and wide, showcasing an awe-inspiring beauty manifested in the spray, the tranquil island beneath the waterfall and thunderous sound that accompanies the cascading water.

Close shot view of the Wongan Waterfall in Kokoyah District, Bong County

Located in Boisien, Kokoyah Statutory District, Bong County, the waterfall’s wide basalt cliffs over which the cascading water falls are framed in particular ways that are different from each other.

Best of all, at the falling edge point, visitors can get the best view of the waterfall and its deafening roar. This vantage point is where the waterfall enters into the St. John River. There is an island right beneath the waterfall.  The Wongan is open to visitors throughout the year, and has a park that is boosted by a thick patch of rain forest, which is home to a variety of plants and animal life that are exclusive to the area.  Hunting and farming activities are prohibited by locals in the forest. Wongan waterfall is a unique place of mesmerizing beauty, exciting activities, or simply where you can lounge in sheer tranquility.

Elizabeth Village and Resort

Elizabeth Village and Resort, which is perched atop the Benson River, is the first resort in Liberia built from mud and is designed in the oval or rondavel style. But it is a luxurious place that offers the perfect leisure once desired away from home.

An aerial view of Elizabeth Village and Resort

Each chalet of the 21-bedroom complex is decorated with plush tree beds, a handcrafted map of Liberia, desks, custom-made rags, and rugs from African printed fabrics, which gives you a rustic, chic feeling. The floor tiles are made from tree chips.

The outdoor of the resort is an ideal spot for relaxation, featuring a map of Liberia, a pool with built-in bar stools, a waterfall and sculpted elephant that shoots water out of its trunk–and a sunken in living room that has a water flooring that sits above the river.  During the night period, the warmness of the resort, when taking a canoe ride on the Benson River, makes it one of the most peaceful places imaginable.

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  1. I am sure there are many more sites that top this list if we make an effort to identify and them. I don’t personally think the Wongan Waterfall should be a tourist attraction (tourist attraction vs hydro power plant). It should instead electrify most of Bong county. I am not sure of the capacity, but this has the potential to improve the lives of many inhabitants of Bong county!

  2. Corrections:
    This Kpaiyea Fortification Wall stood in Kpaiyea a Kpelle Town, not in Yeala a Lorma Town.
    This photo was taken by a Peace Corp in 1968 when the wall was already ruined.

    There were constant ancient Military activities in the area. The Town was never conquered.

    My correction is right because I am from the Town and I saw it before 1968.
    God bless.

    • The Lorma Town “Yeala” has also a defensive wall. There were few areas around Kpaiyea ( Geemolohnju, etf ) that also had such defensive walls to defend themselves against slave armies from northern tribes.

      • Thank you for the correction Mr. Curran.
        Therefore, Liberians need to edit stories about Liberia, not someone coming from away. I have equally read several essays and news items wherein the sites are erroneous or sometimes misspelt.

        Happy New Year.
        I hope 2020 will make you to reconsider your decision in join the Cummings’ Team, a winning team for Liberia. You have an important role to play on that team. We need yous experience and expertise.

        Respectfully Yours,

  3. I am amazed to see the above potential tourist attraction sites exist in Liberia. Anyways I am native born of the country and don’t know what dwells within. But mine you, I shall remedy that on my next tripe to LIB. Thanks for sharing this information about our beautiful country, as a very proud Liberian, I stand to mobilize all of us scatter around the Western World to return home and build the country…The Liberian Lady.


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