Top Bankers Want Liberia Own Shares in Global Bank


Top Executives of Nigeria’s Keystone Bank, the parent company of Global Bank, have urged the President of Liberia to prevail on Liberians to invest in Global Bank as shareholders.

The delegation, led by the Nigerian Ambassador to Liberia, Chigozie Obi-Nnadozie, included the chairman of Keystone Bank, Moyo Ajekigba, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Philip Ikeazor; and Managing Director of the Liberia Office, Philip Olujobi, among others.

Prior to presenting the delegation to President Sirleaf, Ambassador Obi-Nnadozie emphasized that Liberia-Nigeria relations are strong on the political front, but that much more is required to strengthen and consolidate the economic aspect of the ties.

The bankers are in the country to explore the possibility of making investment interventions in the country’s economy and share its success story with Liberians. As such, they have also met with officials of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL.)

A statement from the Executive Mansion indicated that the chairman of Keystone Bank, Moyo Ajekigba has expressed his gratitude to the Liberian leader for the audience.  He stressed that the bank has kept its integrity and principle because of an accountable and transparent leadership and operational standard.

Recounting the establishment of Global Bank in Liberia five years ago, Mr. Ajekigba noted that the initial efforts have grown to about five branches so far with dozens of job opportunities for Liberians.

Mr. Ajekigba appealed to President Sirleaf to encourage Liberians, particularly those involved in business and investment to invest in Global Bank as shareholders.

“I have observed that whenever I travel around the world, dozens of Liberians usually express their desire to return home. An investment in the operations of Global Bank is one available opportunity that can be utilized as an investment option when they return,” chairman Ajekigba pointed out.

For her part, President Sirleaf welcomed the Bank’s delegation to Liberia and expressed satisfaction about Nigeria’s interest in the country on all fronts.

“I am impressed with the extension of banking activities in many rural parts of our country and acknowledge the role of Global Bank in this regard,” she said.

Additionally, the President said, “Approach of the executives by encouraging Liberians to invest in the Bank is even more laudable and provides an opportunity to meet our middle-income objective as enshrined in the Agenda for Transformation.”

The Liberian leader acknowledged the many challenges facing the economy in general and the banking sector in particular, and assured the delegation that steps are being taken to address them. She noted that Nigerian banks operating in Liberia can be used with others in the transitioning process.

“The government is interested in seeing Liberians in all sectors of the economy, and so the offer is welcomed. I am also sure that the process and intent will be well circulated to capture the attention of potential Liberians in and out of the country to take advantage of the great investment opportunity,” she indicated.

President Sirleaf proposed to the bank’s executives that it will be a good to see the banking sector come together to support key projects or national interventions such as agro-processing, and construction, reflecting on examples and achievements of different countries that have done well including Nigeria.

She finally noted with gratitude that the delegation met with officials of the CBL about its mission.



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