Several Passengers Stranded in Ganta

Stranded in Ganta.jpg

With less than 10 days to Christmas, the absence of  commercial cars at various parking stations in Ganta, has become very visible, as several persons have stayed hours without a car.

Sayekwalo Ziah, a passenger traveling from Ganta to Monrovia for his little brother's graduation said, “We’ve been at the parking station since 5 a.m.,  but cannot get cars to leave.”

Because of the shortage of commercial cars, transport fares had gone up to L$1,200 from L$800 a few days ago.

“If you are fortunate to find any car, they will charge you above L$1,000 and also charged for whatever loads you might be carrying,” he said.

Our Nimba County Correspondent said at the dispatching terminal in Ganta, many passengers were seen lying on the ground waiting patiently without cars.

“We have registered over 72 passengers but there is no car for them to leave,” said one of the dispatchers.

At least last year’s season, there were four National Transit Authority (NTA) buses running in Ganta to ease the transport problem. This year only two are seen plying the route.

The transportation cost from Ganta to other parts of Nimba has also gone up from the regular fares, due to the influx of people.

“Money business is harder this year than last year, but it cannot stop us from celebrating the season,” Freeman Zayee, a teacher told the Observer.


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