Sub–Standard Zinc Found on the Market

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The management of KKitco Enterprises, dealers in building materials is likely to fall into the dragnet of the Ministry of Commerce if allegation of selling inferior zinc with less quality to its customers at a very high rate on the market is found to be true.

KKitco enterprises, located in the commercial district of Red-Light alleged bad deed came to light when customers, who had earlier purchased bundle of zincs and expecting that it would have a life span of 15 years realized that the commodity only lasted for one year.

Some of the customers, who spoke to the Daily Observer on August 5, disclosed that the management of that institution lied to them and they are experiencing leakages from their roofs.

Another customer, Morris Kromah, resident of Swaggar Island Community opposite the Stephen Tolbert Estate in Gardnerville, who bought eleven bundlers of the blue zinc from the store for US$110 each, stated that the company has so far given him eight bundles of a higher grade of zinc, remaining three.

He said their concerns of the leakages of the zinc were put forward to the management of the institution and he replaced the less quality to another type (maroon color) with high grade in the store.

Mr. Kromah said the company has promised to deliver the three bundles as soon as possible.

Another buyer of the product, a resident of Soul Clinic community in Paynesville confirmed that he bought three bundles of zincs from KKitco but the management has since replaced his as well.

“Following the roofing of the house, within less than a year I started to experience leakage which I blamed on the carpentry. But later I got to know it was the zinc and reported it to the store management and my zinc was replaced”, he pointed out.

Meanwhile, some victims of the sub–standard zincs on the Liberian market are calling on the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Ministry to strengthen its inspection and monitoring sections.

They said that many of them bought the zinc but the replacements are done once the buyers who are complaining come with a legitimate delivery receipts issued by the store.

The customers indicated that strengthening these sections will curtail the flooding of the Liberian market with lots of substandard products.

When the Observer contacted the KKitco management, one of the store boys who refused to give his name informed this reporter that the owner of the business is an Indian National and any questions must be channeled through the owner or his lawyer (not named).

Our reporter visited store in Red Light last week a second time. The delivery agent, also an Indian national and the Liberian could not confirm or deny the allegation of the sub–standard zinc but admitted that they were replacing the zinc of buyers based on the complaints they were receiving that the products were not durable.

Asked whether they have ever verified those complaints from their buyers relating to the less quality product, they said no, but are replacing it as a means to continue what their termed as “good of customer service.”

Currently at the store, there are three types of zincs that are being sold, the blue (less quality), the maroon and silver colors are supposed to be of higher grade quality.

They said that there is no more of the blue zinc that is complained about by buyers in their warehouse. The product was brought into Liberia via the West African State of Togo and is blue in color and is being sold by K KITCO Enterprise.


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