Street Selling: Nat Koduo Unfazed By Challenges

Nat. Koduo at his street selling_web.jpg


Thirty year-old Nathaniel Koduo of Bushrod Island could not have made headway if an older sister did not set him up with a business in used clothing.

“I sell all kinds of dresses for women and girls,” Koduo said in an interview yesterday. “Sometimes I sell several dresses and with that I get something to take care of my family of five.” Koduo’s family includes two children and their mother.

He told the Daily Observer that he has been engaged in this form of street selling for some time now, and hopes to set up one for himself.

“That is the objective to set up my own business so that I can be my own boss,” Koduo said. Street selling, he said, is one of the most challenging experiences because “we sell on the street and don’t have a particular place or table to sell from.”

He is determined not to give up, because, says Koduo, “through this street selling I’m able to send my children to school and also take care of them.” Though Koduo ended his formal education in the 11th grade, he is what is commonly described as ‘street smart,’ to overcome some of his personal challenges.

“I wish I can return to school,” he told the Daily Observer, “but I can’t because I have responsibilities.” When he was told that he could still go to the kind of school he always wanted to attend he said, “the future may decide, that is when there is stability in the kind of job I’m doing.”

He admitted that time waits for no man and therefore if he is determined to reach the stars he must find a way. Koduo, with a smile said, “I’ll pray about it.” He sounded determined when he added, “Whatever my case, where I did not reach I’ll make sure that my children reach there with the help of God.”


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