Street Sellers Call for Gov’t Support


A group of street sellers have called on the Government of Liberia to help provide or explore avenue that would seek to empower them and their parents in the time of difficulties.

They expressed this concern comes after government  decided to control or stop children under the age of 18 from selling in the streets, which many are forced to do  as bread winners of the family.

The Government of Liberia said it was unfortunate for children under the ages of 12, 14 15 and 17 to be used by parents as a bread winners for the home, describing this as troubling for the government and people of Liberia in general.

Speaking yesterday to some of the street sellers on Broad Street, one of the sellers, Robert Sackie, a 4th grade student from the Group of 77 in Monrovia, said that since  government called on parents and children to leave the street, they must provide empowerment for parents.

According to Robert Sackie, a 12-year old who lives on Camp Johnson Road, central Monrovia, “My father was not working to help provide for the home. My mother and I have to sell for the family to survive in this difficult time,” little Sackie said.

Little Sackie, who sells eggs opposite the Sport Commission on Broad Street, said, he was not happy with the condition of being among cars and selling eggs but called on the government to be more forceful in providing necessities for children,  especially those whose parents  have little income or none at all.

Also speaking, Jenneh Sasraku, 15, and a seventh grade student, said she was forced by her aunt to sell in the street as a way of helping to provide food in the home, while using  part of profit  for school’s fees.   She has been doing this since leaving her parents in Grand Cape Mount County.

“My aunt has said, if I don’t sell lime, she will not pay my school fees. I know that this business of running in the street, among cars selling lime is not good for me. She called on the government to help our family with jobs and reduce school fees in order to enable us to go to school and focus on our education,” she asserted.


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