StarTimes Satellite TV Beams Services to Liberia

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Several young Liberians have been recruited and trained by Power Net, the authorized agent in Liberia for StarTimes Satellite TV, based in South Africa.

Mr. Nasser Matar, Chief Executive Officer, said he is giving young Liberians career opportunities in the new global digital world.

The StarTimes Satellite TV is a new paid TV service provider in Liberia. Its parent company, StarTimes, is a multi-million dollar Chinese owned investment company.

Mr. Nasser Matar, Chief Executive Officer of Power Net, told journalists recently in Monrovia that he is providing satellite TV service throughout Liberia covering more than 140 channels, using state of-the-art satellite connectivity equipment.

Mr. Matar said it is his own contribution to Liberia’s reconstruction drive through the provision of affordable satellite TV service to the people.

Since connectivity is now well established, CEO Matar indicated that the next step is to deliver high quality service backed by a competent staff, whose goal is to make sure the public gets value for money.

The company, he said, is registered and licensed by the government of Liberia through the Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA), as well as the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, thereby granting StarTimes the legitimacy to operate satellite TV services in the country.

Matar disclosed that StarTimes satellite TV services are provided in several countries and more than three major languages (English, French and Arabic).

Commenting on the promising business climate in the country, he acknowledged the presence of other competitors, but underscored his company’s capacity to provide quality service throughout the year.

Taking journalists on a guided tour of the company’s facility on Randall Street, Monrovia, Matar expressed optimism that as the economic situation in the country improves, his company will expand, thereby creating more jobs for Liberians.



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