SRC Distances from Negative Media Reports


The management of Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC) has distanced itself from a series of negative stories against House Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay that have appeared in some daily newspapers.

Two daily newspapers recently reported that SRC accused the speaker of interference while another reported that Speaker Nuquay bullied residents of District #5, with yet another saying the speaker is saddled with US$2.2m from the corporation in Gibi District #5, Margibi County, which is represented at the National Legislature by the Speaker.

A release from the SRC management said the reports are false and are being orchestrated by people who are not part of the corporation. The management said whoever is behind the false claims against Speaker Nuquay may have a motive that is not part of the SRC management’s.

The company said it is proud of its accomplishments, and the fact that Speaker Nuquay once worked for the corporation does not mean that SRC is remotely involved in saying or doing anything that will bring his character or his office into public disrepute.

The SRC management said in its release that the false publications being reacted to are void of any fact, and have the propensity of bringing the office of the Honorable Speaker of the National Legislature into public disrepute.

The SRC said it is not a political institution but a private corporate entity duly registered under the Laws of Liberia since 1959.

“Our corporation has never strayed into local or national politics, and it certainly has no intention of doing so now. The very sweeping allegations in the two daily newspapers attributed to the management are unfounded and did not emanate from us,” the release noted.

“At no time did we reveal to anybody that the management has paid expenses to facilitate the travel of the Speaker, or any other politician to Belgium. The Speaker is not pressuring the company to terminate any employee, and it has never told anyone that it has paid US$2.2m to local residents for crops allegedly damaged in successive years of our plantation’s extension operations at the Capitol Building…and there is no one requesting additional claims through the influence of Speaker Nuquay,” the release said.


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