Soul Fresh No Longer with Champion Designs

JB and Shining Man of the group Soul Fresh.

Rap duo Soul Fresh has severed ties with Champion Designs, the company that was managing their music career after nearly a decade of partnership.

The break-up, which has been kept in secret and away from the public since it happened earlier this year, came to light when fans noticed that the rappers did not mention the name of Champion Design in their newly-released songs like they did in the past.

According to a source knowledgeable of the split, it came as a result of their failure to agree on a specific financial term during the renewal of their contract.

“The group wanted more control over their finances, but the manager of Champion Design, Edwin Tisdell, was not willing to do that. So they refused to renew their contract and let it expire.

“It was not only issues about money that killed the contract, the artists also wanted greater control of the music and images. They felt that they had been cheated in past contracts, so they wanted a better deal, a deal that Champion Design was willing to somehow offer, but the group’s demands were too much,” the source said.

The source added the breakup came as a shock because Mr. Tisdell and Soul Fresh were more like a family.

“They had close relationships and were family. But this thing happens sometimes,” the source said, adding: “Even when the split occurred, there were behind-the-scenes negotiations to have them settle their differences.  Close associates really wanted the team together but it did not work out.”

JB of the group Soul Fresh confirmed almost all of the information provided by the source but declined to say whether negotiations would take place.

JB added: “The split was all about a certain term we disliked in the new contract. Once we all could not agree on the best term, we let our old contract to expire so we can walk away.  We are busy people, so we want the best deal for our career.”

Meanwhile, Soul Fresh is expected to drop an album in early August; however, they have dropped two tease singles already, Content & Pretend and Single Ladies.


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