Solo Cab Vows to Improve Transport Sector


If you have seen any of the several vehicles plying the streets of Monrovia with the words “Solo Cab” and a Wi-fi symbol printed on the side, don’t put out your hand; it won’t stop.  Yes, it’s a ‘cab’, but not your average taxi. 

Solo Cab is Monrovia’s most innovative ground transport service, offering all the basic comforts of a rental car, for the price of a charter taxi.  Dial a toll-free 4-digit short code to order a charter and get door-to-door service, with GPS.  Added to that, there’s wireless internet (Wi-fi) which, according to Solo Cab shareholder Sekou Kenneth, is “not available in any country in West Africa; and we are proud to introduce that today.”

According to the management, Solo Cab can be called at any time of the day for prompt transport services priced at US$10 and above depending on the destination. 

Solo Cab started in 2009, with a few cars put in service by the company’s Chief Executive Office (CEO), Mr. Anthony Wesseh, as a means of providing basic, reliable transportation services in the country. Mr. Wesseh, former National Port Authority (NPA) accountant, said the company has a staff of over 20 Liberians with the aim of recruiting more.

“As a Liberian owned business, we are doing all in our power to   expand this service to other parts of the country in the future.  That is our dream and we are working towards that,” he said.

Sekou Kenneth who is a shareholder said the company is here to improve the poor transportation service in the country.

Solo Cab has brought pride to the transport system as well as citizens of this country, Mr. Kenneth said.

According to him, the business started with a few vehicles and now has increased from five to ten cars.

 “We started few months ago, but we have been able to increase our fleet and today Solo Cab can be called upon at anytime of the day for prompt transport services,” Mr. Kenneth added.

 “It will interest you to know that as an entity, we place a high premium on security.  All our vehicles are covered by a comprehensive insurance scheme and are air conditioned as well as equipped with GPS tracking systems. “This means that all our vehicles are speed limit bound and are controlled and tracked at any location in Liberia,” he said.

The vehicles offer complete privacy and internet-wifi while commuting. Such service is not available in any country in West Africa and we are proud to introduce this level of service in Liberia today, he indicated.

As a Liberian owned business, Kenneth pledges the company’s commitment to improving transport services, firstly, by redefining transportation and introducing in the near future other aspects of transportation in Liberia. 

He commended the Liberian government for providing a friendly business environment in which to operate.


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