SEGAL to Establish ‘Best Private Security Firm’ in West Africa


The Chief Executive Officer of the Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL), Momo Cyrus, said he would establish the first private security firm in the West African sub-region in the next two years.

He made the disclosure over the weekend at the program which marked SEGAL’s 9th annual staff awards ceremony and the turning over of the National Excellence Award to SEGAL family.

Cyrus explained that his plan to establish Liberia’s first private security entity in the West Africa sub-region will strengthen the country’s private security sector and show a distinction between the government and private security firms in the discharge of their duties to protect Liberia.

“This plan is based on my passion and dream that I have especially with the huge absence of United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) because we have to fully prepare for the challenges ahead,” he said.

According to him, negotiations are underway for the establishment of the entity which will be seen by many in and around Africa to provide quality services to the country and other countries that would need their services.

SEGAL was awarded the ‘Innovative Security Institution of 2016’ by the National Excellence Awards (NEA), which Cyrus presented to his officers.

“SEGAL is the first private institution in Liberia to have received such an award and this dream has come true,” he said.

He said the award encourages SEGAL from a national status to an international status with more vigor to partner with government and other national security institutions so as to create a more peaceful and stable country where the rights of all citizens, irrespective of one’s status can be equally protected.

Presenting the award to staffers of SEGAL, who worked over the years to get SEGAL where it is today, Cyrus indicated that the award could not have been given, had it not been the collective effort of his officers.

During the ceremony, several officers were awarded various certificates ranging from Employee of the Year 2016, staff that performed beyond the call of normal duty, long service as well as territorial counties awards among others.

Cyrus meanwhile said, “Giving all praises to God, we are pleased to extend thanks and appreciation to all our employees and clients for their cooperation, their involvement, their endeavors and their support. We welcome the opportunities provided us to work together and help strengthen the security sector of Liberia and safeguard lives and properties through SEGAL.”

Cyrus who was seen dancing and giving thanks to God for the success of his company further indicated that SEGAL will always remain diligent, professional and disciplined in executing its call to national duty by providing safety for all, including lives and properties.

Mr. Lionel Keller, SEGAL’s Chairman, appreciated “everyone for exerting numerous sacrifices over the years that have brought SEGAL to national and international recognition.”

SEGAL officers expressed appreciation to General Manager Cyrus for his courage and work in helping to raise one of Liberia’s best private security agencies that is contributing to peace and improving the lives of Liberians through job opportunities.


  1. My big Thanks and appreciations reach to all those staff whom contributed to the advancement of my former security institution Segal.
    It’s a big pleasure to see Segal reaching to this level.
    Thanks I’m Ayouba B. Kamara speaking from italie .

  2. 2014 – 2015
    I took training under segal and i was successful but GOD never agreed me to work there now I’m Europe precisely italie.


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