Seasonal Gains in Book Selling


It has been four years now since book seller Obiah Kollie started his business.

 “It’s a good business,” Kollie told the Daily Observer yesterday in an interview at the former Ministry of Education building, on Broad Street, Monrovia, “but it is a seasonal business where the bulk of your customers are students.”

 Kollie said business is good whenever schools are in session and students come searching for prescribed second hand books for the academic year.

 “I sell all kinds of books,” said Kollie, “including literature, history, accounting and other academic books of interest.”

He told the Daily Observer that it is a business that he manages to help his family,   and it has helped him for the past four years.

  “You can find some important books here when you need them. It depends on what kind of book you are looking for, and they don’t cost that much.”

“I don’t intend to change from selling books,” he said. “I hope conditions will improve enough economically so that I may begin improving my sales.”

 He added: “I do street selling like many of my friends around here, and I’m hoping to move into a structure that I can use as my business center.”

 Along with Kollie, there are many book sellers under the former Ministry of Education building who make a living selling books.

 “We make our living selling books to anyone who wants to buy them,” said another seller.

Books on sale include used books from the United States and from the local expatriate community and others who dispose of their books by selling them to the street sellers who in turn resell them to their customers.


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