Revenue Agent Wants Gov’t Create Tax Sensitization Program

Florence Gofan, senior revenue agent assigned at the Buchanan-Rivercess collectorate of the Ministry of Finance (2).jpg

A senior revenue agent assigned at the Buchanan-Rivercess collectorate of the Ministry of Finance, Madam Florence Gofan, has called on the government to put into place a robust sensitization and tax awareness campaign that would stimulate rural dwellers and citizens to pay their taxes.

According to the government tax collector, the government of Liberia relies largely on money raised through taxes to produce revenue to finance national development projects across the country.

“So in order for us to get revenue from rural areas, Government needs to create serious awareness encouraging informal business people to see the importance of paying their taxes,” Ms. Gofan intoned. 

She spoke recently in an exclusive interview with our business desk in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County. This reporter had gone to the Port City to cover the consultative meeting between the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) and the political parties.

The senior revenue agent further explained that tax revenue is “money” so the government should put necessary mechanisms into place that will encourage rural dwellers to pay their taxes in buttressing the effort of the government.

“When you pay tax, your contributions are invested in the community and it benefits everyone,” she asserted.

The Buchanan and Rivercess collectorate agent also told this paper that tax money also pays for the daily operating expenses of government, such as the salaries of government employees and interests own on government debt, she indicated.

She, however, insisted that rural dwellers needed to pay their taxes so that the government would be able to provide important services to their county.

In addition, Ms. Gofan reiterated that taxes benefits include access to hospitals, schools, roads and national parks, amongst many others.


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