Red Hill Market Women Seek Gov’t Assistance


Sellers in the Red Hill Field Community in Virginia outside Monrovia are calling on government to assist them with a market building in that area.

The marketers, predominantly women, made the call yesterday, September 16 in an interview with the Daily Observer.

According to them, they are not pleased with the environment and await Government support because they selling on the ground, which they said “is not good but we need to eat.”

One of the market women identified as Musu Kollie said they are aware of the danger in putting food on the ground for sale, as it is rainy season; but this is the only way for them to survive because there are not enough table space to sell on.

Like Duala and other areas, Red Hill Field Market and its surroundings look filthy and there could be an outbreak of disease if nothing is done urgently to address the situation, she said.

“We know about the Ebola Virus that took away many lives and that the raining season increases small-small diseases; but we are under the protection of God,” Ms. Kollie explained.

Meanwhile, residents around the Market have joined the call for assistance because they are not living there in peace due to the present condition and odor from the garbage being deposited in the vicinity on a daily basis.


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