‘Prepare Workforce for 21st Century’


says LCC’s President Charles Ananaba

The President of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LCC), Charles Ananaba, has suggested to stakeholders, including the national government and those in the education sector, to develop a framework that will prepare a Liberian workforce for the 21st century.

According to him, it is time for the government to aggressively work with elementary and high schools, colleges, universities and vocational institutions to refine “our curricula to center on training young Liberians to become more independent and innovative.”

Mr. Ananaba said recently in Monrovia that Liberia needs a skilled workforce ready for today’s job market and people who are trained and equipped with the right skills in the business, science, technology, engineering and vocational fields.

“Our citizens are our greatest assets. It shouldn’t be so hard to hire the right talent. We need a workforce that is capable and ready to compete in today’s global economy.

“I would like to call on the Ministry of Education, head of public and private colleges, universities and vocational institutions, and the business community, to form a taskforce to review our higher education curricula, conduct detailed market study/research, needs and job analyses, and put the necessary curricula together that are focused on the relevant skills needed today and in the future,” he said.

“The more we grow, the more we will be able to manufacture and process locally, the more farmers will prosper and reinvest in their farms, and we will see the net positive effect all around.”

He said it is paramount for the government to provide subsidies and tax incentives to small and large farmers.

According to him, one way to help farmers will be through strategic partnerships with organizations that will assist in providing the necessary modern technological training that local farmers desperately need in order to revamp the agriculture sector, which is the bedrock of economies worldwide.



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