Petroleum Importers Ass’n Honors LPRC MD

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Petroleum Importers Association of Liberia (PIAL), honored the managing director of the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company (LPRC), T. Nelson Williams for his tremendous work done in improving facilitates as well as addressing the needs and concerns of importers.

Mr. Musa H. Bility, president of the association said that they have worked as importers with the LPRC for the last five years under very competitive and difficult circumstances.

According to him, since the founding of LPRC in 1947, they have used one set of tanks which have caused them to lose lots of money.

Speaking at the honoring and certification program yesterday at the LPRC training hall, Mr. Bility said they have been told several times over the last seven to eight years by various managements that the solution was in sight.

“But today, on behalf of TOTAL Liberia, West Oil, MOTC, Aminata, Kailando, Srimex, Lab Afric, Connex, Petro Trade to use this time, first and foremost to thank God and to give appreciation to the Government of Liberia under the steward leadership of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for putting together finally a management and a board that’s been able to address the concise needs, and not just the workers but importers of LPRC,” he said.

“We started with the lack of policy as to how claims were made but today under the management led by Honorable T. Nelson Williams, for the last three years we’ve not had any issue as to the procedure leading to claims when it is due because there is a policy that obligates management, the importers that is usually accepted by both parties,” Mr. Bility indicated.

According to him, the second problem was at the financial management level at LPRC, in being vigorous in collection of storage dues, adding, “We’ve to say they have done it with our cooperation.”

“We know that our country has gone through a lot, through Ebola, through economic difficulties but we didn’t think that your recent action to take urgent and immediate action to improve the storage problem at LPRC would be a relief to us,” he noted.

Mr. Bility, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Srimex, assured the management of LPRC of their commitment to ensuring continuous availability of petroleum products on the Liberian market.

Mr. Williams described the honor as a surprise, and noted, “I know we never agreed on everything but over the years we’ve been able to work together as a team.”

“So I’m happy just as you are that at least we have additional 6.2 million in capacities in mix products that you can now bring more and no new negotiation,” he said.

He, however, disclosed that two employees of the company are expected shortly back home with Master’s degree in petroleum oil and gas management and another two with Master’s degree in mechanical engineering.


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