‘Our Goal Is To Make Electricity Affordable in Liberia’


Over 20 persons representing Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast met yesterday at a resort in Monrovia to deliberate on how to realize the supply of affordable electricity in the sub-region.

Mr. Mohammed Sheriff, chairman of Transco-CLSG, told reporters at the meeting that his entity’s aim is to reduce the cost of electricity in Liberia and other countries in the Mano River Basin through a comprehensive private public arrangement.

“We are having these cross border meetings to support the livelihood of our people in the sub-region through a provision of power energy that every family, regardless of status, will be able to pay for,” Mr Sheriff said.

Transco has its Headquarters in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and is managed by representatives from all the countries in the Mano River Basin.

It is in direct partnership with West Africa Power Pool and the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) in order to curtail the high cost of power supply to the local population.

“These meetings,” Mr. Sheriff said, “will continue in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Ivory Coast. The intent is to increase our power supply to every part of the region and at a cost not difficult to afford.’’

LEC Chairman, Ian Yhap, said the cross border project from West Africa Power Pool (WAPP) power supply is now positively impacting the lives of people in Nimba, Grand Gedeh and Maryland counties.

“Liberians in the southeast and the northeast are now great beneficiaries of the these cross border power transactions and we hope there will be an extension of the facilities to other parts of the country to complement government’s efforts to curtail the huge cost of electricity,’’ he said.

While the government works on the Mount Coffee Hydro, LEC is struggling to serve the Liberian population with adequate electricity supply at a low cost that all irrespective of status can afford.


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