Orange’s Deputy CEO for Africa and the Middle East Mr. Bruno Mettling, LTA’s Angelique Weeks and Orange Liberia’s CEO Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly at the newly-established Orange Training Center

As an early demonstration of its commitment to prioritizing its employees, the management of Orange has announced its unveiling of a high tech multi-purpose training center in Monrovia.

Since the official takeover of Cellcom by Orange, the company said in a press statement, Orange has stressed that employees and customers are at the heart of its strategic policy, referred to as Essentials2020.

The official ribbon cutting for the training center was attended by high level executives from Orange headquarters, Orange Ivory Coast, the French Ambassador, the Liberia Telecommunications Authority and the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.

Leading the tour of the new facilities, Orange Liberia’s Vice President for Administration, Madam Sarah Buchanan, pointed out key features of the state of the art training center including the ability to conduct live video trainings with experts and trainers from around the world.

She highlighted that the center is critical to ensure that Orange Liberia’s staff received the best training to make sure that they performed at exceptional levels and provided world class customer-focused care.

Orange’s Deputy CEO for Africa and the Middle East, Mr. Bruno Mettling, pointed out that the company has been awarded Top Employer in Africa for three consecutive years in part because of its focus on providing training and capacity building for its staff. “Our business model is to manage our affiliates through local management and teams. To attain this, we must rely on local skills and talents. In fact, I am strongly convinced that there can be no economic performance without social performance,” Mettling said.

Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly, CEO for Orange Liberia, praised the company’s workforce and said that under his leadership the staff would be significantly elevated.

Reemphasizing Mr. Mettling’s statements, CEO Coulibaly promised that his administration would be employee-focused. “To reach the brand standard, under my administration, we shall ensure that the quality of Orange Liberia services is second to none in the country. To achieve our goals, I call on every employee to get fully involved, work hard and to incorporate the values and Orange culture to make Orange Liberia the best employer in the country,” admonished Coulibaly.

In addition to the training center, Orange Liberia has already invested in travel-abroad programs that are sending local employees abroad for capacity building.


  1. Welcome Orange and hope you will make a difference in our communication industry by prioritizing your valued customers. We’ve been suffering from poor quality services over the years and nobody seems to care for our plight.


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