Orange Liberia Unveils 2nd Weekly Mega Winner

Orange Liberia's communications strategist Dr. Kimmie Weeks presents symbolic check to winner Ahmed M. Sesay

Orange Liberia has awarded another cash prize of US$1,000 to its second weekly mega winner Mr. Ahmed M. Sesay. Mr. Sesay received the cash prize at the company’s headquarters on Capital Bypass on Monday, October 9.

In receiving the prize money Mr. Sesay said that he was profoundly happy to be a winner. “Orange means business,” declared Mr. Sesay “If I can win, this clearly shows that the promotion from this company is truly a real thing.” He encouraged other subscribers to scratch more to increase their chances to win.

Detailing the competition, Orange Corporate Communications Strategist Dr. Kimmie Weeks said that all Orange customers were automatically entered to win. Each transaction made by a customer by purchasing credits, using e-recharge, or Orange Money is equivalent to one ticket and the more transactions a customer does, the higher their chances to win. “The Orange Lucky Ticket is simple, if you recharge $1 and you win the daily prize, we give you $100.  If you recharged $5 and you win the daily prize, we give you $500.   If you recharged $5 and win the weekly prize we give you $5,000,” said Weeks.

The Orange Lucky Ticket is an ongoing competition which includes a daily prize winner and a weekly mega prize winner. Daily prize winners receive 100 times more than the amount they recharged during the day they win, while weekly prize winners receive 1,000 times what they recharged during the week.


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