VP Boakai Urges Liberian to Gets into Business

Vice President Boakai, aided by others cuts the ribbons.jpg

The Vice President of Liberia, Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai, has stressed the need for Liberians to get involved into business activities as a way of contributing to the growth of the Liberia’s economy, rather seeking for a government job.

Vice President Boakai made the assertion on Saturday, November 16, at a ribbon cutting ceremony at the ELWA Junction between the ELWA Market and Rehab dedicated to 100% Liberian-owned business Vasco Direct Incorporated, an importer and distributor of genuine auto-parts and household materials from the USA.

He observed that foreigners can help in promoting Liberia’s economy, but pointed out that the ideas they have may not necessarily work in our country, so we need Liberians to fully take control of the business sector.

According to him, business plays a major role in society today by creating job opportunities for young people that result in a reduction of poverty.

Ambassador Boakai emphasized that although it is important to encourage Liberians to get involved in the country’s business arena, customers should not make it a habit to promote Liberian businesses on a credit basis.

“If we want Liberians to become big business people, we must forget about sell-now-pay-later,” he warned.

VP Boakai also lauded the CEO of Vasco Direct Incorporated for establishing an automobile business that is owned by Liberians and helps vehicle users acquire various spare parts for their cars.

He said: “Our roads are not the best, so we need lot of spare parts that will keep our vehicles plying the major streets of our country.”

Mr. Edwin Guilly, the president of Vasco Direct Incorporated, said that his company has come to help buttress the automotive industry in the country.

Mr. Guilly furthered that they are offering services for various brands of vehicles which include: Ford, General Motor, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota and Nissan, others are , BMW Mercedes Benz, Volvo Acura, Land Rover and Rang Rover amongst other.

He added that Vasco Direct Incorporated is Offering customers better value, faster delivery, and all around better quality services.

Mr. Guilly explained that all they need from customers is for them to identify the problems with their vehicle.


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