‘Street Child Liberia’ Wants Local Support For Family Business Scheme

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The Liberian business community is being asked to urgently provide financial and material assistance to Street Child Liberia in order to make an exceptional impact in its efforts to reduce poverty among the poor in the country.

The appeal made by Street Child Liberia’s Program Director Michael John Bull, last Sunday, in Chocolate City, Gardnersville, when his organization delivered grants, totaling U$22, 610 to the parents of the 211 children in its program.

Director Bull said the provision of the grant was part of Street Child of Liberia Family Business Scheme that provides financial assistance to parents to enable them provide sustenance for their children.

“Once we have put the children in school,” Bull said, “our concern is how to sustain the family so that the child who was once on the street, does not return to the street, he said. “Therefore, through Street Child UK, Street Child Liberia is able to provide the funds, after the beneficiaries were carried through two days of [training in] what it entails to start and sustain a business.

“So, we offer a business support program, the Family Business Scheme,” he said, “but to get majority of the poor to benefit from the program, the Liberian business community must show interest and support us.”

He told the Daily Observer that these business opportunities are expected to create a secure and sustainable future for the child or children, whose parents are being supported.

“If we can get this program funded by the local business community,” he said, “it will make a lasting impact on the effort to help poor parents keep their children in school.”

Other ambitious projects, he said, include the support for 400 amputee children to whom Street Child Liberia would be providing prosthetics, along with medical care for their upkeep.

“This involves children who have suffered amputation,” Bull said. “The amputation could have come through any other means.”

He said Street Child Liberia will sponsor more than 400 street children in school after uniting them with their parents.



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