Nimba Scrap Buyers Reject Scrap Bid Result


The Concerned Scrap Buyers Association of Nimba County has rejected the decision by the Nimba County Authority to award the scrap contract to the Ghanaian Scraping Film, Western Steel.

In a letter of complaint addressed to the Public Procurement and Concession Commission dated June 6, 2014, a copy of which is in te possession of the Daily Observer, the Nimba Scrapers underscored that they object to the decision by Nimba authority to award the contract to Ghanaian Company because the bidding process was not transparent.

In the eight counts letter, the group contends that the bid process was done under the influence of lawmakers.

“Long before the bid was announced, some of our lawmakers visited Ghana upon the invitation of the Ghanaian Company and at the company expense,” the letter indicates.

“The bid was opened on 31st December 2013 and the result was announced in June 2014, which means the bid overstayed than the time it supposed to be announced,” the letter adds.

In April this year, the head of the scrap buyers Mr. Dennis Maneh raised concern explaining that the Public Procurement and Concession Commission (PPCC) stipulated 60 days time frame for bidding of the scraps.

During the wrangling to see the winner of the bid, there was speculation in Nimba that the Ghanaian Company would be awarded the contract.

 An unconfirmed report reaching this paper suggests that the Development Superintendent Teeko Torzay Yorlay has cancelled the entire bidding process and a new bid will be published soon.

Efforts to contact the Nimba County Authority including the Chairman and Secretary of the 53rd Legislative Caucus proved futile as their phones rang endlessly without any response.

Earlier, the Development Superintendent of Nimba, Mr. Teeko Yorlay said he was not clothed with the authority to speak as everything pertaining to the scrap bidding was left with the Superintendent of Nimba Mr. Fong Zuaglay.

Prior to the bidding process last year, some officials of the Nimba County including former Superintendent Christiana Dagadu, County Inspector Reginald Mehn and Representative Jeremiah Koung visited Ghana upon invitation from the Western Steel (the same company believed to have won the bid).

Their visits last year brought public outcry among citizens of Nimba that it (visit) was not fair and the selection of the company to do the scraping will not be done fairly.

Meanwhile, the same scrap issue is one of the problems that brought split between Sen. Prince Johnson and the rest of members of the Nimba Legislative Caucus, subsequently leading to his suspension from the caucus when he (Sen. Johnson) alleged that bulk of the lawmakers received brown envelopes (bribes) from the Ghanaian Company.

Sources closed to the county authority said the scrap contract was awarded to the Ghanaian Company because they agreed to offer the highest price in the amount of about US$ 70 a ton less than its counterpart, the North Star. 


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