Nimba Budget Forum Established

Members of the Nimba Budget .jpg

A 15-member Nimba Budget Forum has been established to monitor the effective use of the public finance allotted by the government. Members of the Budget Forum are also charged with the responsibility to conduct a public audit on how said allotment is used.

Mr. Martin Sopp, head of the civil society organizations in the county said the formation of the body is part of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) deliverables to bring about transparency in the usage and or management of public funds under the policy called the “the Open Budget Initiative” of the National Budget.

“The project, among other things, is in line with the Government of Liberia’s policy through the MFDP in particular, which aim is to open the budget to the citizens and give them the mandate to track the use of public funds in their respective localities,” Mr. Sopp added.

The formation of the body took place in Saclepea during the close of a two-week training workshop for about 150 citizens on the National Budget. The workshop was organized by a civil society organization based in Nimba known as Grassroots Democracy.

The 15 member budget forum was set up as part of the conclusion of the implementation of the MFDP and World Bank supported project, for which sensitization awareness has been going on in the county since the beginning of this year.

In April this year, the Grassroots Democracy launched the media component of the open budget initiative, an integrated program of the MFDP on the National Budget.
The launching of the media components in last April brought together a cross section of the local radio stations in Nimba County so as to create an interactive program that will give the citizens opportunity to air their views on how the budget is to be used.


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