NHA Announces US$20K EJS Estate Plan

NHA DMD for Administration Prince Wreh.jpg

Liberian workers now have the advantage of owning their own homes if they are able to raise a down payment of US$4K for a three-bedroom, two baths estate house at the Ellen Johnson Housing Estates in Ben Town, Marshall Road in Margibi County..

Briefing representatives of ministries and agencies of government last Wednesday, National Housing Authority Sales and Marketing Manager Elizabeth Howe said the units in the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Housing Estate in Marshall, are priced at US$20K.

“A down payment of US$4,000 is required and the balance US$16,000 will roll into a mortgage plan with the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) for ten years,” she said.

The tour, she said, was to acquaint the ministries and line agencies with the activities of the NHA, provide information about the NHA/LBDI mortgage payment plan as well as encourage Liberian workers to take advantage of the plan to own their own homes.

“The exercise is to also provide a concise picture of deliverables by the NHA through funding from GOL and NASSCORP,” she said.

Mr. James Kanneh, NHA project coordinator told the Daily Observer that the estates construction does not only provide support to the Government’s Development Agenda (GDA) but aids in the socio economic development where over 750 jobs have been created.

Mr. Kanneh said the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Estate project commenced last March and has reached about 95% completion with anticipated full completion by July 20.

The Gobah Town Brewerville Housing Estate units contain two bedrooms and a bath and are priced at U$11,000 per unit with a down payment of U$2,200.

On the tour were representatives from the Ministries of Public Works, Finance and Development Planning, Youth and Sports, Foreign Affairs, Lands, Mines & Energy and Transport. Agencies’ representatives included National Port Authority, Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation and the Liberia Electricity Corporation.

On behalf of the ministries and line agencies, Mr. Aaron Ketter of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, commended the NHA management for creating the opportunity for Liberian workers to become owners.

He promised to relate the exciting news to colleagues and relatives. The representatives toured estates in Marshall and Gobah Town Brewerville Housing Estates.


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