New Transport Fares Released


The Ministry of Transport has announced a reduction in passenger fares across Montserrado County.

The new passenger fares from Broad Street to the Commercial district of Redlight in Paynesville is L$60 by taxi and L$35 by bus.

The new fare from Broad Street to Old Road is now L$40 by taxi and L$30 by bus, while from Broad Street to Duala on Bushrod Island is now L$35 by taxi.

The Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs, Atty. Isaac W. Jackson, said the decision to reduce the transport fares in the city was based on the substantial reduction in the price of crude oil on the world market.

Deputy Minister Jackson noted that the reduction in fares was also necessary due to the prices of petroleum products being lowered on the Liberian market,  especially gasoline and diesel fuel.

He said a gallon of gasoline on the Liberian market is now being sold at L$280 and diesel L$290, which results to a net decrease of 22 per cent from the previous prices of petroleum products on the local market.

 Deputy Minister Jackson has warned that commercial drivers caught over charging passengers in violation of the government’s approved prices will be penalized.

He also urged commercial drivers to abide by the Ministry of Transport’s adjusted transport fares based on the further reduction of the prices of petroleum products.

He informed violators that a first offense carries a fine of US$100.00 for taxis and US$200.00 for buses and pickups while second and third offenses are US$200.00 and US$400.00, respectively plus two years’ suspension of the operator’s driver’s license.

Meanwhile, Minister Jackson is also calling on commuters and the public to report any violators caught charging fares contrary to the Transport Ministry’s directive.  Whoever is involved should be reported to the nearest police station.


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