MUSON Sees Promising Economic Climate


As the country slowly recovers from the Ebola outbreak, which disrupted the country’s development agenda, a Liberian businessman and architect has succeeded in establishing one of the most reputable engineering firms in the country.

Established on August 5, 1996 in Monrovia and granted a Class “D” Certificate, later elevated to Class “A”, MUSON has experienced its fair share of painful and enormous challenges that come with the risk of replacing and compensating for damages during its operations.

Mr. Joe Gene Mulbah, President and CEO, said in an interview that he was driven by the urge to succeed, and that MUSON Group Incorpoated, over the years, weathered the storm and achieved remarkable capacity building and security in record time, thus earning the regard and confidence of its clients from all walks of life, both domestic and foreign.

Mr. Mulbah indicated that the corporation comprises of professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, offering services for multinational non-governmental organizations, including the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNCHR) as well as AFRICARE-Liberia, Liberian Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI), among others.

While striving for professionalism, he indicated that Munson now enjoys the option to decline or choose from among a barrage of offers in contracts intended to meet quality standards, with the objective of developing an organized, committed and focused institution.

MUSON, he said, realized the need to bring together Liberian professionals with a common objective. The group has Liberian architects, engineers and general builders and uses modern technology in its infrastructural development projects. Part of its in-house training programs include: rural housing construction, wood technology, concrete and masonry construction among others.

Howbeit, he noted that MUSON’s consideration of the herculean task of reconstructing Liberia includes training and consultation services to rural dwellers and ex-combatants with regards to the use of modern technology in infrastructural development.
Importantly, CEO Mulbah commented on the promising economic climate in the country, acknowledged the presence of other engineering firms and underscored his company’s capability to successfully implement any big project in Liberia.


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