Motorcycle Dealer Wants Ban Lifted

Mr. Sampson P. Narloh, Sale Manager of Royal Motor Company (RMC) at Vai Town.jpg

The sales manager of Royal Motor Company (RMC), Sampson P. Narloh, is calling on the Government of Liberia through the Liberian National Police to lift the recent restriction placed on commercial motorcyclists to stop plying the major streets of Monrovia and its environs.

Mr. Narloh made the disclosure Monday, January 13, to our Business Desk in an exclusive interview at his Bushrod Island office in Monrovia.

According to him, since the ban on commercial motorcycle plying the major streets of Monrovia, our business has dropped massively in the Liberian economy.

Explaining his business ordeal, Mr. Narloh stressed that motorcyclists were registered as taxpayers and should be given the legal rights to operate in the country.

"While we note that there were daily violations of the law, the government and commercial motorcyclist have to sit and discuss a way out; because this is a major source of funding and livelihood for our youth.”

He pointed out that every four months they used to sell about one hundred motorbikes, but now business has come to a standstill were people don’t even want to spend their money on bikes.

The RMC sales manager said although there had been lots of accidents caused by the recklessness of the operators, motorcyclist also helped the growth of the nation's economy.

“We want the government to remove this ban and provide enough educational training for motorcyclists in the country,” said Mr. Narloh.

For his part, Mohammed Fahnbulleh, who deals in used clothes, said that commercial motorcycling is a good business and if the government can only lift this ban on motorcyclist “I think the government would generate more income from these bikes.”

“This is not only about commercial motorcyclists but this is also about help for Liberians,” he said.


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