MOF Conducts Grant Training for CSOs


The Non-State Actors (NSA) Secretariat at the Ministry of Finance over the weekend hosted a one-day training workshop for selected Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) at the Corina Hostel in Sinkor.

In an interview after the training process, Non-State Actors (NSA) Secretariat coordinator, Mr. James Davie, said that the intent of the forum was to provide for selected CSOs basic knowledge on “Budget Tracking” and “Public Expenditure” to the national budget. 

Relating to the terms and conditions in administering a grant for said purpose, the NSA executive said, “The program would improve the capacity of CSOs on the implementation of projects during projects period.”

The NSA Coordinator added that the training workshop was conducted to further partnerships between the CSOs and the NSA Secretariat to have a more cooperative and a meaningful venture in the country.

Mr. Davis further explained that the NSA Secretariat at the MOF is responsible to work with selected CSOs to enhance their capacities so they would serve as critical watch-dogs in enhancing transparency and credibility in the uses of public funds and resources within the country.  

He disclosed that the Secretariat is being funded by the World Bank Project in order to provide training and grant support to CAOs that would be engaged in monitoring budget related work, policy advocacy around public selection management. They would also ensure that funds are used for their intended purposes through the CSOs regular social audits that would be carried out within the communities where these projects are being implemented.


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