Mobile Business Registration Launched at Red Light Market


The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI), Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) officially launched the Mobile Business Registration in Red Light (Montserrado County), as part of government’s effort in generating revenue.

At the launch, held yesterday in Paynesville, Minister Stephen Marvie, Deputy Minister for Commerce and Trade Services, said LRA, MOCI and NASSCORP were delighted to bring services to the people, especially the business community, because it is the first time that business people are not compelled to travel or move to central Monrovia to have their businesses registered.

Minister Marvie also said paying taxes is important and urged business owners to pay their taxes to support government’s development efforts.

“As public servants, we have cried over the years to move services to the people and so we have come to say we need the revenue. We are targeting all businesses, including petty traders, stores as well as those who want to renew their business registration,” he said.

“The launch of this service in Red Light shows that we have brought government services to the people and also a form of opportunity for us to have businesses formalized. As part of government’s commitment, we have now taken the initiative to reach out to the people and decentralize government’s activities that businesses or owners can pay their taxes without going to the LRA, or MOCI offices in central Monrovia.”

Minister Marvie said the Mobile Business Registration, which involves LRA, MOCI and NASSCORP, targets over 30,000 businesses in Red Light and other markets in Montserrado County.

Also speaking, Sebastian Weah, Assistant Commissioner for Medium, Small and Micro Tax Division, urged business owners to legalize their businesses, which assist government with development.

“We have come to you to have you complete your registration; that takes some time to get your certificate to you, but stakeholders from government have decided to reach out to businesses and have you registered,” Commissioner Weah said.

In remarks, Peter W. Vaku, Director for Region One Montserrado County of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP), called on business owners to participate in the ongoing government initiative to help raise the necessary revenue for its work.

“We want to encourage you to register your businesses under NASSCORP program so that one day when you are old you will get benefit. You will not work forever or maybe you might get hurt on the job and or die, so when these things happen, NASSCORP will be your friend,” Director Vaku said.

Also speaking, Lusu Sloan, President of the Liberian Marketing Association (LMA), called on businesses across the country to engage in the initiative and ensure that they are formalized and recognized by government institutions such as the LRA, MOCI and others.

The first Mobile Business Registration was launched in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County, in April 2016, followed by Montserrado County.


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