‘Mineral Water Companies May Pose Health Problems’


—Says Romekah Incorporated CEO celebrates two-years anniversary

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Romekah Mineral Water Company, (ROMEKAH Inc.), Roland Lankah, says the proliferation of mineral water companies across Liberia could pose a serious challenge to the production of quality and purified water for public consumption on the markets.

Mr. Lankah made the statement recently when his institution celebrated its two-years of existence in the Peace Island Community in Congo Town.

According to Mr. Lankah, in a competitive business environment, many no longer go for quality but profit marking, leading to the production of poor quality mineral water in the country.

The CEO noted that the country still has a lot of challenges because Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) which is the government’s own water service provider is not up to the task right now, and as a result, many managers see this as a conduit to manipulate the water sector. 

In spite of these challenges, Mr. Lankah said the government remains a great partner to the mineral water business in the country because it has the technical knowledge, especially looking at the scientific side.

“They are always there to regulate our activities,” he added.

Last year the Environmental Protection Agency came out with findings after testing water produced by mineral water companies that some companies were producing near septic tanks and in poor sanitary environments thereby causing water sold on the market to be unsafe.

He challenged other water producers in the country to go for quality and not quantity, noting that water is for public consumption and as such, must be produced with high quality. 

Mr. Lankah also said there are lots of quality equipment as well as other raw materials that can be used to produce purified mineral water for public consumption.

Commenting on the ways things have been over the past two years with his company, Mr. Lankah told journalists that there is no institution without a challenge, but his role as an entrepreneur has been to go above these challenges to find an opportunity to serve his country.

He cautioned entrepreneurs to use available opportunities to solve community problems and make people happy. “These were the things that we have been doing over the years and we are grateful to God,” said Mr. Lankah.

He also bragged about what distinguishes his company from other companies, adding “In everything, you must know what you want to do, find opportunities and solutions to the problems.”

Mr. Lankah: “One of the things that also set us apart is the ‘Sashel water’ (plastic bag of water), that is we go for the quality, we don’t just go to sell and make profits, but we are building a brand and it is that brand when people hear about the name “ROMEKAH Mineral Water,” they think of quality mineral water.”

However, he lauded his business partners, especially Access Bank Liberia who according to him has been one of his strongest supporters. “We have come a long way and want to transition from one point to another,” he added.

 Meanwhile, one of the company’s challenges over the years has been the issues of electricity and access to financing. “However, we are now grateful to God that through the government of Liberia and other partners we are able to see transformers being mounted around the entire Peace Island community.”

He told reporters that access to electricity grid in the community will now cut down his expenses.

Over the past 2years, he disclosed that the company was able to impact the community to a larger extent. “Since we started operating in the Peace Island Community we have employed approximately 56 young people, I mean skilled and unskilled laborers. We have sale agents, suppliers, technical assistants, office assistants, managers among others.

“We want to go into bottling, waste management, and other areas, but all of these things are connected to access to finance. We also want to extend to other parts of the country, but we are challenged with access to finance,” he added.  

Vivian Davies, the Administrative Assistant of the company, told the Daily Observer in an exclusive interview that at times it is important to tap on available opportunities. “I came here to serve as a volunteer, and as God could have it, a few weeks later I was recommended by a friend of the CEO to become an Administrative Assistant,” she said.

Miss Davies also testified that before getting employed by the company, she first served as a teacher in a community school. “Today, through this job I am supporting my family,” she added.


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