Medicare Insurance Corp in Fraud Bond


Medicare Insurance Corporation on Wednesday, February 5, failed to account for Mr. Charaf Khaled, a Guinea Bissau national whose US$3,000 criminal appearance bond was tendered by the company at the Monrovia City Court.

Defendant Khaled in November 2013 was arrested at the Ganta, Nimba County checkpoint with US$110,200 while attempting to escape the country.

The money was portion of US$138,500 he had stolen from a Guinean businessman, Mr. Mohammed Bah in Monrovia.

He was sent to the Monrovia City Court for prosecution.

At the court the Insurance Company secured the bond for his release from the Monrovia Central Prison.

In that bond, the company guarantees that they would make sure defendant Khaled appeared before the court to answer to the charge of theft of property. 

They also promised to have defendant Khaled remain in the court, until duly discharged, and if convicted they would surrender him unto the custody of a ministerial officer to undergo the full sentence of the law.

“Our support of the bond is US$3,000 current money within the Republic, we hereby attach our certificates of authorization and affidavit of sureties in keeping with ILCL, Revised, Page 266-67, section 63.2 and 63.1 (b) of the Civil Procedure Law,” the company bond explained.

Interestingly, when the Insurance Company was invited to produce Khaled for hearing of the case, he could not be found anywhere in the country; compelling the company to deny filing the bond or having any knowledge about it in the first place.

They claimed that somebody may have stolen the documents that were delivered to the court to secure Khalid’s bond that bears their name and the signature of their boss.

 “We don’t know about this bond. We did not prepare the bond, even though, it carries our company’s name, seal and signature of our boss,” an employee of the Micro Bond Department of the company claimed Thursday, February 6, when he was questioned by the Daily Observer.

“I am not close with the authority to speak on behalf of the company. You could come back another time to speak with them about the matter,” he said, adding, “This is not the first time our company name has been in such a case.”

Documents used to secure the bond include: 1) article of incorporation; 2) policy of micro bond; 3) statement of account; 4) tax clearance certificate; 5) insurance license; 6) certificate of authorization from the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and 7) certificate of business registry.

However, when contacted Thursday at his Temple of Justice office, City Solicitor for Montserrado County, Samuel T. Solomon, angrily explained “they can’t deny that they did not file the bond or say they don’t have any knowledge of it.”

“Look my people, here is another US$2,000 bond they filed for one Edwin Yealu, which carries the same signature, seal and documents bearing the name of the company,” the City Solicitor emphasized.

Edwin is charged with theft of property, criminal conspiracy and facilitation by one Amah Perry on behalf of the Liberia Marketing International.   

“We will make sure they come to court to authenticate this bond. They have to justify it. How do they want for us to believe that the bond they will be filing is credible with these matters coming out?” he asked. 


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