Meat Sellers Condemn Ban on Bush Meat


The outbreak of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Liberia has resulted into banning of eating bush meat, specifically monkey and bats.

 The decision, however, has been condemned by meat sellers in a stronger term, calling on the government to reconsider it and lift the ban on their business.

Henceforth, the sellers have called on the government to stop destroying their business with what they describe as “mere rumors” relative to the sale and eating of bush meat.

Several bush meat sellers who came across our Business desk last Saturday at the Duala Market, told the Daily Observer that they are no longer in business, because the government through the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and other international health organizations has told the people to stop eating meat because it reportedly has the virus.

According to them, the ban has affected their business drastically in the country and it has driven them into a state of unemployment.

“This decision taken by government on bush meat selling is very bad. To be frank, we all know that the virus is real and is killing our people in the country, but I don’t think the bush meat is responsible for the virus. We are tax payers and we have our families at home. They need to eat, and because of this ban we are not able to feed them.  How are they going to eat?” Meat seller Morris asks.

Morris, who used to sell bush meat in Duala Market, suggested further that since government announced that the bush meat has Ebola, “We advise that they include sellers and hunters in their research in order to prove that the animals have the dreaded virus.

Morris said though he is not a medical specialist, he disagrees with the government’s decision on the sale of bush meat in the country.

“We want to use this medium to tell the government that our businesses have being affected since they have informed people to stop consuming bush meat to prevent the further spread of the virus,” he said.

“This is the only means of survival for us, even if there is any virus in these animals, once they are boiled and fried properly, the virus gets killed,” said another meat seller.

He emphasized that government should include them in their research if they really want to prove that bush meat causes Ebola.

Meanwhile, the banning of bush meat by the Liberian government came into effective on July 30, as one of the measures to combat the deadly Ebola virus out of the country.


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