Maximizing Revenue Collection


In an effort to help the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) continue maximizing revenue collection, especially as the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)  has adversely affected  the country’s economy, the President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has issued Executive Order No. 69.

Executive Order N0 69 is an extension of Executive Order No. 52, which suspended sections 904 (a) and 904 (b) of the Liberia Revenue Code of 2000 as amended.  Executive Order No. 52 and suspended Section 904 (a) “Advance payment requirement” and 904 (b) “Quarterly payment of the Liberia Revenue Code of 2000 as amended, relating to the payment of advance income tax on the basis of 100 percent of income tax liability of the preceding tax year or 90 percent income tax liability of the current tax period. Advance payments are to be made quarterly as determined under section 904 (a) 3.

The extension of Executive Order No. 52 suspending certain sections of the Liberia Revenue Code of 2000 as amended is to address the difficulties in the collection of government revenues occasioned by the gross under declaration of income tax by the taxpaying community, the Liberian leader noted.

It imposes as advance income tax two percent (2%) of the gross turnover/receipt for persons that are required to file income tax return as this payment shall be calculated on a quarterly basis and remitted into the General Revenue Account, the extension said.

The extension also declared that the income tax filer is authorized to deduct from the advance income tax for each quarter all income taxes withheld and paid on its behalf and remit the balance into the General Revenue Account. 

It has required that for a calendar year taxpayer, the advance tax is due on January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15, while for a fiscal year taxpayer, advance tax shall be made by the 15th day following the end of each quarter of the taxpayer’s tax year. Failure to make timely payment shall be subject to the rules of Section 13 and Section 51 of the Code.


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