Transportation Problems Intensify in Monrovia


Commuters have expressed outrage over the daily struggle they encounter trying to access public transportation to and from their homes, offices, schools, and places of business.

As a result of the continued commercial vehicle shortage, some commuters have opted to get up as early as 3 a.m. to head off to their various destinations.

Commercial drivers have been observed arbitrarily hiking transport fares to almost all destinations to the detriment of their passengers.

Officials at the Ministries of Commerce, Industry and Transport have remained silent as the city’s commuters fight each other just to grab a seat.

 “We demand that the relevant ministries and agencies of the Liberian Government intervene now,” said angry commuter William B. Summerville.

“I’m really upset about the current hardships being endured by Liberian commuters.” Mr. Summerville said.

“The current conditions of commuters can only be described as a ‘complete nightmare.’ Especially considering how much we spend transporting ourselves back and forth,” Mr. Summerville stressed.

Commercial drivers in Monrovia who spoke with the Daily Observer Monday and Tuesday said they are hiking transport fares owing to sharp increases in the price of petroleum products at various gas-stations.

When we asked them about the drivers’ claims of rising prices, petroleum importers and dealers pointed out that there has been a recent increase of petroleum products on the world market.

They claimed another reason for the increase in the price of petroleum products was the foreign exchange rate against the weak Liberian dollar for the past two weeks.

It may be recalled during the holiday season, the Liberian Government intervened in the foreign exchange market, which caused the rate in Monrovia to drop drastically. 

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