Fuel Arrives Today


Following a shortage of fuel oil on the Liberian market, the management of the Liberian Petroleium Refinery Company (LPRC) has assured its many customers that a huge consignment of the commodity is expected to arrive in the country today.

According to Mr. T. Nelson Williams, Jr., his office had received a communication from its overseas partners on Monday, February 10, announcing a delay in a shipment of fuel to Liberia. Upon receipt of this communication, the LPRC management published an announcement in local Liberian dailies that a shortage was emminent.

Shortly after the communicatio was received, the demand for fuel escalated as customers began driving around in frantic attempts to purhase as much fuel as they could secure.

Director Williams tacitly admitted that supply was low on the market but insisted that there was enough to go around. He later admitted that news of the delay from la Cote d'Ivoire had created hardship for commuters, businesses and vehicle owners, particularly in the overpopulated city of Monrovia.

At the Ministry of Informations's weekly press briefing Thursday, February 13, Mr. Williams explained that the LPRC was on the lookout for fuel out of North Africa and Europe, ferrying two million metric tons to Liberia.

He explained that the LPRC was at the time serving the public with 157,000 gallons of fuel, of which the Liberia Electricity Corporation wasreceiving the lion's share. Other entities given priority consideration included health centers and medical facilities.

Mr. Williams then assured businesses in the private sector that the LPRC management was working around the clock to straighten out the situation by perhaps redirecting a few more vessels to Liberia.

Relatedly, the LPRC boss assured the public that it is renovating its Monrovia and Ganta facilities ith the hope of increasing its capacity from 43 metric tons to 69.  This, he said, would allow for more reserves with which to serve the public in case of unforeseen development.

Mr. Williams said the LPRC is expected to commence distribution of the arriving fuel Friday night, an exercise that is expected to continue through Saturday in order to reduce the debilitating shortage.

He asked the public not to panic, stating that the LPRC is aware of the slow pace of business caused by the shortage.


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