Marketers Taking over Broad, Randall Streets


Local marketers selling food items such as dried and fresh fish, palm oil, and fresh pepper have begun to take over Broad Street. The marketers, who line up their businesses stretching from Broad and Gurley streets intersection to Broad and Mechlin streets intersection every evening, say they are selling in the area to generate money to feed themselves for the July 26 Independence celebration.

 They also told our reporters that they are bringing their businesses on the main Broad Street because more customers and potential buyers troop the street. But pedestrians who commute the affected areas say the street sellers are posing serious sanitation challenge to the area.

 They want the Liberia National Police (LNP) to take action to remove the marketers from the sidewalks as they (pedestrians) can no longer walk freely in the area. Our reporters, who visited the Broad and Randall Streets intersection yesterday, confirmed the marketers were selling dry rice, dry fish and pepper dust and palm oil on the sidewalks.

 The marketers prevented reporters from taking their photos. Crowds of market women and Yana boys told our reporters that they do not want their photos in the press. Some angry pedestrians have vowed to take the issue with the LNP as the marketers are adamant to go back to the marketplace down Water Street.

 Broad Street is the major economic center in Monrovia for mainly white collar government and private workers. The part of Broad Street being occupied by the sellers is mainly the Executive Pavilion area which is considered by many as the heart of Monrovia.


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