Marketers Express Dissatisfaction with Ellen’s Annual Message


Marketers in central Monrovia, and the Gardnerville belt, have expressed dissatisfaction with the President’s State of the Nation address on Monday.

Speaking to a cross section of marketers in Monrovia, some described the President’s annual message as an embarrassment to the living standards of the majority of Liberians.

According to Amelia Tah, the President has failed to address the issue of the nation’s economic crisis that has resulted in the increase of commodities on the market.

She complained that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf—whom she described as being the nation’s mother— promised to improve the life of the suffering people during elections in 2011 — a promise Ms. Tah feels is yet to be fulfilled.

“We felt that our mother was going to do something better for her children, but the country continues to get increasingly expensive for its own citizens. The exchange rate continues to increase and the government is not doing anything about it. We are still paying school fees as high as LD$30,000 for our children.”

Josephine Kortu, who sells around central Monrovia, said “The President has not performed to the expectations of the people. Especially in the areas of education, business, and employment; a situation causing many of us to be streets sellers even with our diplomas at home.”

“We are in the streets working the whole day without any good business; I refuse to vote for any female President again because I feel like Ellen is punishing to us. You eat all the money and then have the nerve to talk about school in Liberia! Let’s put a man back in power to bring us our daily bread on a regular basis,” Ms. Kortu said angrily.

Rose Kollie, who sells at the Rally Time Market, said the President and her children were enjoying the work of the poor people in the country while allowing them to age before their time.

She explained that the leaders of Liberia have no concern for the welfare of the people they lead; especially the poor. She grumbled about those that take power and are getting rich from the sweat of the people.

Sam Johnson, another seller at Rally Time Market, expressed his belief that achievements the President made are insignificant to the overall wellbeing of Liberians.

“I will not tell President Sirleaf ‘well done to you’ for information that is free without any one going to jail. I don’t care if Liberia now has good international relations. All I know is that domestically people are suffering. What is the President’s image doing for the people of Liberia?”  He asked.


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