Marketers Benefit from CBL Loan Scheme


Over 1,000 marketers in Maryland County have benefited from L$1.1 million loan provided by the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL).

The money is intended to build the financial capacity and also enhance productivity of marketers across the county.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer via mobile phone Tuesday, July 22, the president of the Maryland County Marketing Association, Abraham Wilson, said The CBL wants to ensure that all Liberians benefit equally with the God-given resources of this country and as well as strengthening the economy.

Speaking further, Mr. Wilson said the loan will cover eight major markets in the county, Harper Central Market, New Kru Town, East Harper and Pleebo Markets. Other beneficiaries are Gedetabo, Boniken and Karloken markets.

According to him, improving access to credit is one of the important jobs that the Bank’s Governors and Board of Directors do, by empowering Liberian owned businesses in rural and urban areas.

He also stated that business people, especially marketers, who are the engine of economy growth, must be part of the inclusive financial system of this country, thereby ensuring that all Liberians are lifted out of poverty.

 “This is why, the CBL loan scheme through the effort of Governor Dr. Joseph Mills Jones is working to bring into reality, such as this, that will allow marketers, pehn-pehn riders, sewing machines and farm products, when we talk about vision for a new Liberian economy, this is what we mean. We must work to ensure that all Liberians are involved in our march towards economic transformation,” he said.

Meanwhile, the County’s Market Superintendent also commended the government through Dr. Jones for the loan which, he said, will “greatly impact the lives of the marketers in the county.”

He also called on government to construct feeder roads in the county to facilitate the transportation of agriculture produce to markets.

Also speaking with our Business Desk, a marketer, Ma Taryonnon Wleh, too, commended the CBL. However, she decried the high prices of goods and services on the market nowadays.

Maryland County is located in southeastern Liberia. It lacks basic social services as well as good road network.

It has two districts including Harper, which serves as the county capital. The county measures 2,297 square kilometers.

As of the 2008 census, it had a population of 136,404, making it the seventh most populous county in Liberia.

Named after the State of Maryland in the United States, it was an independent country as the Republic of Maryland from 1854 until it joined Liberia in 1857.


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