‘Manufacturing Sector Essential for Economic Growth’


The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Dr. Fredrick B. Nrokeh foresees the economic viability of the country as hanging on the focus of the government to making the manufacturing sector the degree of economic growth that the  country truly deserved.

According to him, Liberia will only experience dramatic economic growth when the manufacturing sector becomes fully functional, because, “the country is blessed with enormous resources that can be transformed into finished products for both domestic and foreign consumption.

Minister Norkeh spoke over the weekend during program marking the launch of the Panzsir Cosmetics LLC in Brewerville, Outside Monrovia on the theme, “Soft, Sweet, Shinny, Skin is here to Stay.”

He said the economy of the country will certainly experience dramatic economic growth when the manufacturing sector is fully functional, because, according to him, Liberia is blessed with enormous resources that can be transformed into finished products for domestic and foreign consumption.

Manufacturing, he asserted, will help to reduce cost to consumers making the country’s trade and commerce a competitive market.

“I am of the conviction that no matter what type of economic model Liberia may wish to apply, development of the manufacturing sector must be considered as a critical arm for the economic.

Minister Norkeh pointed out that no developed or under developed country has been successful in terms of dramatic economic growth without huge investments in the manufacturing sector, especially where raw materials are in abundance.”

As a government, he said, they need to prioritize sector with greatest potential for economic growth, which in his mind, are priorities that are necessary for the development and sustainability of the manufacturing sector.

Launching the products on the Market earlier, the Vice President of Liberia, Joseph Nyumah Boakai lauded the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kokpor Daynuah for such a “farsighted innovation in producing cosmetic products in the country.”

Veep Boakai said it was important for Liberians to produce their owned products in the country which, according to him, will help create jobs for the jobless youth. “I am surprised to see a young and determined man producing cosmetics in Liberia—“Made in Liberia.” This signifies Liberians readiness to take over their owned economy.”

He said the products that are made in the country by a young Liberian means a lot for us, “because the young man has used his knowledge to bring about technology that will benefit everyone, especially the products made in the cosmetic industry.”

VP Boakai used the platform and encouraged other young Liberians to emulate the CEO of Panzsir Cosmetics Company to do likewise. 

He then promised Panzsir’s CEO that he would use his office to communicate with stakeholders, especially the Ministry of Commerce, and other business partners to promote the product on the market.

The Panzsir Company, Mr. Daynuah said, is a dream comes true because it is the first company to manufacturer of beauty products in Liberia.

During his busiest time in his career, Mr. Daynuah said, his targeted goal was to become the first to manufacture high quality personal care products in the country that Liberians can be pride of and to call it their owned.

Mr. Daynuah, a Liberian Chemists and entrepreneurs officially started Panzsir Company about five months ago in the mist of lots of difficulties including the absence of electricity.

“I used generator to run the largest equipment. With all these difficulties I still believe strongly that Liberia is the best place to make business.”

Manufacturing Panzsir here, he said, will add value to crops such as coconut and palm trees which will eventually create jobs for villagers and the entire agriculture supply chain.

Panzsir, according to Mr. Daynuah, will soon be investing in a grinding machine on a plantation in Sinoe, as well as meeting coconut oil demand, and create jobs for villages in Sinoe County.

Panzsir other goals are to also build a plant in Ganta that will be able to manufacture various personal care products such as styling gel, body wash, shampoo, soap, hair grease and amongst other.

Panzsir was developed in the United States of America as the first company that manufactured personal care products in Liberia. Few of the products are interestingly are handy-work (fabricated) by Mr. Daynuah and coworkers’ hands.

The company pride itself in using Liberians research and development of a product that caters to the needs of the customers.

“We have worked diligently to provide our consumers with products that are dependable and made with highest quality,” Chemist Daynuah boasted.   

Meanwhile, Mr. Daynuah said Panzsir’s success depends on the Liberian people to ensure that they take ownership of their market by buying the “Made in Liberia” Products.

He however called on the Ministry of Commerce, Finance, National Investment Commission (NIC) and the media to promote Panzsir on the Liberian market.


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