LWSC Retires 15 Long Serving Employees

LWSC’s Managing Director, Mr. Kamara (right) presents envelope to one of the honorees, Daniel Doe, a long-serving employee of the entity.

The Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) has honorably retired 15 of its employees following many years of public service to the corporation, government, and People of Liberia.

Those retired included Daniel D. Doe, Daniel Glay, Oretha Kollie, Joseph Kumbey, George Moore, Moses Sonkaley, Ms. Theresa F. Hills, Harris Gaye, Samuel Essie and Patrick Zeon, among others.

The honorees received retirement packages in line with LWSC’s regulations and the Civil Service Agency (CSA) Pension Law.

LWSC’s Managing Director Duannah A. Kamara, who spoke during the brief ceremony last Friday at the Sewage Plant in Fiamah, praised the retirees for their long and distinguished services.

He said when one enters an institution at an early age, serves well, honestly and diligently and at the end is retired honorably, it must be considered a great day and a step in the right direction for others to follow.

Mr. Kamara commended the honorees for being a great help to the corporation and reminded them that from time to time they will be called upon for advice and guidance.

“Retirement does mean that it is the end of your life; you will continue to be an asset to the facility and the empowerment of youth with the knowledge you acquired at LWSC,” Mr. Kamara told the honorees.

Mr. Dan Saryee, Deputy Managing Director for Technical Services at LWSC said that the day was interesting because it brought mixed emotions.

“I have interacted with every one of you. The emotion that I won’t see you again as often as I saw you over the last few months is something to celebrate and reflect on.”

He noted that life is such that often one has to shut one door in one’s life and open another.

He extended best wishes and thanked them for their dedicated services to the LWSC and the people of Liberia.

“Let me express my profound gratitude to you for the dedicated and professional services you have rendered to this country. We still believe that there is still a lot more capabilities in you. I urge you to continue sharing your experience and wisdom that will move the corporation forward. You are still our valuable human resource,” Saryee added.

Mr. Saryee also used the occasion to urge the LWSC’s employees to serve not looking at personal gains but the greater good of the entity and their nation.

Responding on behalf of his colleagues, Daniel Doe thanked the management and staff for the opportunity to serve their country and cautioned the younger ones to emulate the examples of the older ones to perform their duty with diligence.

He expressed the hope whenever they are called upon they will provide their expertise to support the progress of the LWSC family.

Present at the ceremony were staffs of the entity, family members and friends of the retirees.


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