LRA Promises to Be More Vigorous


The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Liberia Revenue Authorities (LRA), Cllr. Robert C. Tubman, has promised that the LRA will be more vigorous in collecting what he termed as legal taxes that will make funds available to enable government to withstand the ongoing global economic crisis.

“Though the global economic crisis is hitting us all hard, yet the government has put in place some strategies aimed at staying strong and we at the LRA will collect legal taxes,” Chairman Tubman pledged. He noted that the economy has to be carefully monitored in order to ensure that formal industries such as the Iron Ore and rubber sectors are returned to equilibrium in the shortest possible time.

The LRA Board Chair spoke on Tuesday at the C. Cecil Dennis auditorium where officials of the LRA, along with other top officials of government, were commissioned by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf during a colorful ceremony.

The seasoned Liberian Lawyer and economist noted that the LRA, yea the government, will do everything to ensure that the economy recovers in due course, and resume the enormous growth that it was achieving prior to the iron ore, rubber and Ebola crises.

It was an honor, he said, to be designated to head the LRA and to speak on behalf of all of the LRA’s officials. He thanked the President for their preferment.

“It is a privilege to serve you and the people of Liberia,” he told President Sirleaf. “We pledged our dedication to you and we promise to do our utmost to promote the interest of the country and to carry out the duties and functions that have been mandated to us.”

He further noted, “All things happen through the grace of God and we want to give Him thanks for our protection and sustenance as a country.”

It is no secret, Cllr. Tubman continued, that Liberia has been through tumultuous times following 1979 up to 2005.

He lauded the President’s dynamic leadership which he said continues to head in the right direction.

Chairman Tubman noted that the President, since her ascendency, has continued to work assiduously in ensuring that Liberia gains its rightful place in the comity of nations.

He, however, acknowledged that there is still a lot to be done, noting that the construction and reconstruction of a country is always a work in progress.

“As we approach the 2017 elections, Cllr. Tubman said, “We ask God to guide our President and our nation. With you providing leadership, Madam President, we are assured that we will arrive at the other shore in good shape.”

President Sirleaf had earlier charged officials to do all in their power to ensure that the remaining time of this administration is efficiently, effectively and productively utilized.

She told the commissioned officials that if the remaining 20 months are adequately utilized, the administration will end on a strong and positive note. She also reminded them about the numerous challenges that the country currently faces, especially in the economic sector.

Officials of the LRA commissioned by President Sirleaf, in addition to Chairman Tubman, were Madam Elfrieda Stewart Tamba, Commissioner General, LRA, Charles R. Bright, Member, LRA Board, Madam Aletha Brown Cooper, Board Member, Oliver N. Rogers, Deputy Commissioner General/Administration,
LRA and Madam Dekontee King-Sackie; Deputy Commissioner-General/Operations.


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