LRA Bids ITAS Consultant Farewell

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The Commissioner General of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) Elfrieda Stewart Tamba has applauded the excellent services provided by an Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) Consultant, hoping that he will return to the country to continue aiding efforts aimed at putting the LRA on a modern revenue collection trajectory.

“The LRA is an infant organization that requires enormous technical assistance in its drive to improve service delivery and to be a model revenue authority within West Africa and the world. We appreciate the technical support you provided our MIS Division and we look forward to working with you again when the extension of Adam Smith Support to the LRA is consummated by the IPFMRP/World Bank,” CG Tamba told Mr. Sintayehu Mitiku on Friday, August 12, at a farewell luncheon held in his honor.

Mr. Mitiku spent eight months at the LRA as ITAS Implementation Advisor as part of support to the LRA by Adam Smith International under the IPFMRP Donor Funding Basket. He worked with the Management Information System Division (MISD), with specific focus on improving the application of the Standard Integrated Government Tax Administration System (SIGTAS) — a modern tax administration system designed to facilitate tax administration and improve revenue.

CG Tamba said Mr. Mitiku was leaving when the project he was working on was not complete and hoped that the World Bank will shortly complete the extension of the Adam Smith contract.

“We are hopeful that the extension would be made so that the project is completed; and by so doing, achieve our vision to introduce e-service, that is electronic payment and electronic filing, to tax payers.” CG Tamba said.

According to the Commissioner General, engagements with Mr. Mitiku showed that he is a professional and dedicated person, and the LRA remains thankful to him.

Both Deputy Commissioner Generals for Administrative Affairs (Oliver N. Rogers, II) and Technical Affairs (Decontee King-Sackie) also lauded Mr. Mitiku for his selfless services to the LRA and hoped that he returns to complete the e-service and related projects critical to enhancing service delivery at the LRA.

“For the short time that you have been here, the impact you have made in the institution has been felt,” Mrs. King-Sackie said. “Even though you came as an ITAS international Consultant, you did not only confine yourself to that. You provided significant help in other areas, whether it was directly related to SIGTAS or not…you were willing to share and reach out. That, the LRA really appreciates what you’ve been able to do.”

The DCGTA said the LRA will do the necessary to have Mr. Mitiku return to complete the projects, saying “we need people like you to help us put our reforms on the right trajectory to have it sustainable in the long term.”

In a brief response, the honoree said he was pleased to have worked with the LRA and that he was excited by the honor and recognition. Mr. Mitiku said he is willing to return because he did not complete what he started, a press release from the LRA said yesterday.


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