Lonestar Cell MTN has reacted sharply to a story in the Front Page Africa Newspaper, linking it to “Intense Lobbying with the House of Representatives on One Cent per Minute Call”, as extremely unfortunate and a case of bad journalism without fact checking, as required in the profession for a balanced story.

Lonestar Cell MTN wants to set the record straight that it is not involved in any discussion with a committee set up by the President and the House Speaker and has not and will not intentionally destroy the economic viability of the Country solely for profit making.

Lonestar’s position has been and always will be that GSM operators offering promotions for long period of time must be made to pay taxes to the Government of Liberia and not operate in a manner that reduces GOL Taxes, but increase their profits.

In a release, the company also clarified that the Letter written by the CEO of Lonestar to the House of Representatives was in good faith and as a means of finding solution to the saga. It maintained that its Deputy Chief Executive Officer did not lied under oath as being reported in some quarters.

At the same time, Lonestar Cell MTN informs the public and politicians that Mr. Benoni Urey as Chairman of the Board of Lonestar, does not run the day to day activities of the Corporation and must not be associated with its operation for any political gain.

“Paying Government legitimate taxes must be the bottom line and the concern of all in these difficult times. Playing politics with tax collections is really dangerous. Lonestar regrets that it is being punished for its compliance, while the competitor is growing its subscribers’ base at our detriment; this ploy to further devalue Lonestar’s position in the market is counterproductive to government’s revenue collection, our operation and the many Liberians in our employ.” The release cautioned.


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