LIPO Begins Preparation for World IP Day Celebration


The Liberia Industrial Property Office (LIPO) has announced that it is getting prepared for the celebration of the world IP (Industrial Property) Day, with series of activities to create massive awareness about IP in the country, according to a press release issued by LIPO last weekend.

The World IP Day is celebrated on April 26 of each year, and LIPO will use this year’s celebration to continue its awareness and sensitization campaign under the theme: ‘Piracy is a Public Enemy for our Economic Growth, Stop Piracy to Empower Innovation and Creativity.’

World IP Day is a day on which the global IP community joins with others to acknowledge the fundamentally important role of IP in promoting innovation and development throughout the world, the release said.

The IP Day Celebration Committee, headed by Clifford B. Robinson, said in the release that activities for this year’s celebration include IP clinic, an IP business workshop and an indoor program, which will start with a parade to be held respectively on the 25th & 26th of April at the YMCA’s (Young Men Christian Association’s) Conference Hall.

“The IP clinic is a day set aside to enlighten members of the creative sector on the legal framework of intellectual property within and outside of the border, the essence of the moral and economic rights and how IP can be used as a wealth of creation. The next day, April 26, will be the official World IP Day celebration that will focus on educating stakeholders on the economic benefits of IP. IP awareness is the key to us building an environment where copyright holder’s right will be protected and this two-day awareness period is just in continuation of what we have already started,” Mr. Robinson said.

It may be recalled that on March 22, LIPO began its first-ever nationwide awareness, aimed at helping copyright holders, the police, customs officers and the general public to understand the IP Law.

The awareness, held separately at the U.S. Embassy in Monrovia and the headquarters of the Liberia National Police (LNP), brought together over 100 participants from diverse backgrounds, including copyright holders who were educated in the 2016 IP Law, the process of filling in applications and its benefits in a bid to reduce the number of infringements.


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