Liberians Urged to Support Local Businesses


The Secretary General of the Liberian Business Association (LIBA), Ms. Leila Kpukuyoi, has challenged Liberians to support local businesses in the country.

Ms. Kpukuyoi said that it is about time Liberians support each other’s businesses to foster growth and development to build a vibrant economy.

The LIBA Secretary General made the statement at a program marking the official launch of Josiah Joekai, Jr’s latest book, ‘Emergence of Democratic Governance in Liberia: Challenges and Prospects’, held over the weekend.

LIBA Secretary General noted that Liberians are not supportive in promoting each other’s potential and such an attitude undermines the development of writers, musicians and others in the entertainment industry.

According to her, writers are great people in society because they help ordinary citizens to know about what happened in the past.

Based on that, she called on Liberians to encourage talented people to move the country forward.

“We need to help them market their books both in and out of Liberia,” she told the audience.

She indicated that the writers can also help ordinary citizens to get involved in business.

Liberians need to think “big” and make Liberia a place for investors and other business people to come and invest not only in the country’s natural resources but in its human resources.

Meanwhile, the author of the book, Josiah Joekai, Jr., said enlightenment is essential for any society to ensure social, political and economic development.

Joskai noted that the Liberian society lacks enlightenment, something that is hampering the growth and development of the nation and creating insecurity.

He pointed out that Liberians should develop the culture of reading in order to be enlightened on issues or else the transformation of the country and its people would be difficult to achieve in the near future.

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