Liberians No Longer Incompetent in Business


The president of the Rubber Dishes Dealers Association of Liberia (RUDDAL), Mr. George W. Kumakeh, has told President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and foreign investors that the stereotype that Liberians were not good at doing business is now over.

According to Kumakeh, Liberians have now graduated from the “high school of not being able to do business. We are now enrolled at the college of entrepreneurship.”

Kumakehwas speaking Saturday during the formal opening by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of the Sethi Brothers-owned Duraplast plastic factory on the Bushrod Island.

Liberians have graduated from the high school of business incompetence and are now running businesses with potential capital for themselves, declared Kumakeh.

He announced to the President and others present that his association, RUDDAL has at least 150 sellers, 40 of which have dealerships with Duraplast.

Commending Duraplast for refraining from profiteering during the Ebola crisis, Kumakeh noted that the manufacturer “did not add a dime” to its original prices during the height of the deadly Ebola disaster when the demand for plastic products, particularly handwashing buckets, was so high.

He recommended to the President that the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) grant RUDDAL the opportunity to be part of its foreign exchange auction and also that GOL strictly adheres to itsLiberianization Policy. The policy sets aside certain businesses solely for Liberians and foreigners or aliens are prohibited from operating those enterprises.

For her part President Sirleaf, who was brief in her remarks, commended Sethi Brothers for opening a manufacturing factory, which now has 650 Liberian employees.

The President urged Liberians, especially the youths, to stay off the radio and get involved with business as RUDDAL members were doing. She said to get the economy up and running effectively, everyone must play their part. “Government will create the enabling environment but you must do your part, too, and lawmakers must pass the right laws,” she stated.

Duraplast, Liberia’s first post-war plastic factory, manufactures chairs, poly-tanks, buckets, tubs, bowls, etc. It also manufactures corrugated zinc and pipes. It is situated right behind the Faith Healing Temple and Cemenco, on an 11-acre site given to the Indians by the Dukuly Family.


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