Liberian Iron Limited Donates L$ 800,000 to Liberian Entrepreneurs Trust


A Liberian focused iron ore exploration company, Liberian Iron Limited (LIL), has donated L$800,000 (Eight hundred thousand Liberian dollars) to the Liberian Entrepreneurs Trust as part of its corporate social responsibility and communities empowerment efforts in the country.

The contribution was made on Monday, February 10, 2014 at the office of Liberian Iron Limited on Ashmun Street, Monrovia, during the official launch of the capacity building fund program of the Liberian Entrepreneurs Trust.

The resource development company said the donation is part of its corporate social responsibility to empower communities, adding that empowerment is necessity to citizens and the country at large.   

The Liberian Entrepreneurs Trust is an equity shareholder to the Liberian Iron Limited.

Liberian Iron Limited was launched last year as a Liberian owned company that is aimed as pursuing mineral development opportunities with a first objective of obtaining a mineral exploration license for the most coveted Wologizi mountain range in Lofa County.

Mr. Nyekan Eboko, executive chairman of LIL, used the occasion to assure all Liberians of its corporate and development benefits should the company obtain the license to explore Lofa’s Wologizi Mountain.  He said that Liberians must be empowered to make contributions to the rebuilding of Liberia as well as being financially empowered.

He also explained that the company deems it necessary to help build the capacity of citizens and business organizations such as the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA), Liberia Timber & Logging Association (LTLA), Liberia Women Chamber of Commerce (LWCC), Concerned Liberian International Business Organization (COLINBO), Fulah Business Association (FBA), Liberia Motorcycle Transport Union (LMTU), Petty Traders Association (PTA) and the Liberia Chamber of Architects (LCA), all of which are members of the Liberian Entrepreneurs Trust.    

The Liberian Entrepreneurs Trust was formed to provide opportunities for Liberian owned businesses and participate in the equity shareholding in a major mineral resource development company in order to reap the benefits of ownership in the productive assets of Liberia. 

Mr. Eboko, has reaffirmed the company’s “commitment to the long-term development goals of citizens’ substantial participation at all levels in the economy, by increasing the effectiveness of these Liberian business organizations as well as the empowerment of communities around Liberia.”


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