Liberian Entrepreneur Gets ‘Importation Right’


A Liberian entrepreneur, Abraham E. Bah, has duly obtained ‘importation right’ of Indonesian products in Liberia.

Mr. Bah was certified to also distribute and market 16 Indonesian food and non-food products, which include antibacterial medicated soaps, sports soaps, energy and stamina plus drinks, juices and coffee of high-standard qualities.

An importation right is the legal ability to import a product into a certain country. Importation means "bringing goods from one country to another.”

The brands of the products are Hemaviton, Floridina, Medibath, Olive, ABC and Kapri.

Speaking to reporters at a news conference yesterday, Mr. Bah said he also supervises the importation of the products in four countries, namely; Sierra Leone, Guinea, the Gambia and Senegal.

He told journalists that the Indonesian products are of high quality, for example the Medibath antibacterial medicated soap contains TCC, which functions as antiseptic, and citronella oil as primary mosquito repellant.

“TCC is a typical component that has been scientifically tested as effective for sanitizing skin, while citronella is particularly useful for fending off mosquitoes, yet they are safe and harmless for human skin,” Mr. Bah said.

According to the Liberian entrepreneur, the whole sales of these products are at the Afrindo Business International Incorporated, situated at the Tweh Farm community, adjacent the Gbapolu County car parking.

This is the first Liberian to be certified to import Indonesian products into the Liberian economic and also serve as liaise between the manufacturing company and four other African countries.

Meanwhile, apart from having the importation right of the Indonesia products, Mr. Bah is also the owner of the multi-shopping and market center, which comprised of 49 stores, a market building, parking lot known as the Gbapolu Parking Center amongst others.

The multi-shopping center was constructed and dedicated June 2011.

Speaker to our Business Desk, over 20 Liberians yesterday expressed their thanks and appreciation to Mr. Bah for the multi-shop and market center, which has provided jobs for them and other Liberians.

According to Mariama Siryon, a chicken seller, she stated that over 200 persons are benefiting from the market, while Jerome Johnson disclosed that 49 family heads benefit from the storage facilities besides the money changers, internet café and drivers, who are also beneficiaries.

“We will be forever grateful to Mr. Bah for this venture,” Madam Nancy Nah, one of the petite traders using Bah’s storage facility, said.

“My aim is to create more jobs and take people from poverty and also make available conditions that will not just meet our people’s needs but improve their lives,” said Mr. Abraham Bah.


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