Liberia Needs Implementation

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Ms. Dede Howard, Chevron's lead corporate officer, said Wednesday that Liberia needs implementation instead of research. k

She made the statement at the event marking the launch of the Buchanan Entrepreneurship Center, held by the Business Start-Up Center (BSC) at the city pavilion in Grand Bassa County. The BSC is a local NGO and full partner of SPARK, the BID Network, as well as the Association of Liberian Universities (ALU) . Its mission is to promote entrepreneurship and SME development among Liberian youth.

To achieve this goal, it has established Liberia's first Entrerpreneurship Center at the IT building on the University of Liberia's main campus in Monrovia. 

On March 5th of this year, the BSC-Buchanan office was opened. That office launched the first Business Plan Competition in the region. 

The office fully supports young and ambitious entrepreneurs in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County. 

It also makes use of the Microsoft Build Your Business Passport (BYB) and Passport to Success training programs in partnership with International Youth Foundation. 

Ms. Howard said in order to reclaim the Liberian economy from foreigners, it is time that Liberians start implementing instead of carrying out research. She said the country also needs young thinkers in the process. 

"We need to take charge of our economy because our market has been taken from us by foreigners, and it is time Liberians do something about that situation. We focus on the Government of Liberia because all they have to do is create the avenues and the citizens themselves will make use of the opportunities provided. Small and medium enterprises help a lot in building the economy of any country because they create job opportunities and self-employment for young people," she explained. 

At the ceremony, Mr. William R. Dennis, the Project Coordinator of BSC Monrovia announced the first winnders of the Business Plan Competion. He said the competition is intended to reward businesses that have passion and dedication for entrepreneurship. 

Dennis recalled that at the beginning of the competiton, the Monrovia-based BSC office received 49 entries, from which the winners were selected. He noted that they were selected based on their various plans and how well they were presented. The winners of the first competition were Mr. Henry . Fromayan, Arthur G. Gaye, Tarr G. Sayweh and Israel Moses.


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